NC State Computer Science Laboratory for Science of Technologies for End-to-End Enablement of Data (STEED)


STEED Value Statement

The NCSU CSC Laboratory for the Science of Technologies for End-to-End Enablement of Data (STEED) envisions a future where technologies and tools for enabling data processing and analytics will provide significant advantages to an organization wishing to unlock the value of decisions based on data.

Mission and Vision

  • STEED¬†will lead national and international efforts of unlocking the value of big data by providing the tools, science and talent for the next-generation technologies and infrastructure. We envision NCSU as the leading enabler of these new methods in order to accelerate data-driven decisions.
  • We bridge the gap between the data and decisions and open new application domains, by structuring and transforming the data to unlock its potentials.


  • We provide technologies and tools for bridging the time gap between the acquisition of data, on the one hand, and real-time and long-term strategic and tactical decision making. We enable opening of new application domains through innovative methods in structuring and transforming data.


  • Unlocking use of cutting-edge tools and approaches to significantly lower the barriers of entry into advanced analytics
  • Providing access to world-class data-science talent
  • Connecting to advanced technologies and tools for easier, more efficient, and more meaningful data fusion and data readiness
  • Enabling scalable and flexible decision support
  • Increasing opportunities for multi-site and multidisciplinary collaborations within the center


Please see here for the STEED laboratory brochure